We’re a Vancouver creative agency that specializes in designing & developing branded clothing and merchandise, product development & brand development for commercial and business use.

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Have you been looking for a Vancouver creative agency to help bring your brand to life? 

Developing clothing products from scratch shouldn’t be as hard as people make it. We simplify the process of creative design for our clients by strategically designing and developing your products, to prepare them for production and manufacturing as efficiently as possible.

Creative Design Agency Vancouver

Hire our design agency for creative branded products & merchandise. At In House, we streamline the process of developing marketable products for our clients. We keep you involved as we guide you through the entire creative process through graphic design, product development & brand development.

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Vancouver Clothing Design

The systems we have in place allow us to operate at the highest standard of expertise. By implementing state-of-the-art digital softwares, we are able to sustainably achieve our clients' vision by eliminating waste of materials, resources, and time. Our Vancouver clothing design studio has over 15 years of combined experience which all go into the production and development for our clients. 

Canadian brand owners have always been forced to compromise parts of their business to achieve other concepts. When we develop and design clothing for our clients, we ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with their sample development before we move on to production. 

We currently work with designers across Canada and will continue to elevate the standard of all Canadian apparel design.

If you’re a Canadian designer looking to launch your clothing line and elevate your brand, you’ve found your home at IN|HOUSE. Contact us today to book your first consultation so we can help bring your next collection to life!

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