We are a creative design studio based in Vancouver, Canada. We work with multi medium artists, designers & business owners to expedite the fulfillment of products and merchandise at an affordable rate and an attainable quantity.

Meet The Team

Our 3 founding members came together during design school with the idea to formulate a team that can develop a business from the inside out. Our expertise in the apparel & merchandise industry has allowed us to thoroughly understand the process of how products are made and where to have them produced at the right quantity for the right price. By implementing this knowledge into each of the services that we offer, we're able to streamline the development process for our clients, making it easy for you to maintain the focus on continuing to grow your business as we take care of the stress of carrying out your production.

Our Mission

We began our operations in a living room studio. 1 sewing machine, 1 table, and 3 designers devoted to changing the way people approach developing products and merchandise for their companies. We started In House to bridge the gap between small business & start ups with the supply chain typically only accessible to established companies & corporations. Early in our careers, the outreach to our peers was met mostly with disregard and a lack of willingness to help pass along knowledge to the ensuing generation. Everything was a secret in this seemingly superficial industry. This is where we establish ourselves in the market, to oppose the old mentality and break the stigma between the "competition". We've constructed our model based on building a community that supports the creative vision of artists, designers, entrepreneurs & business owners. We encourage those who aspire to make a living off their artistry, and we are here to support their pursuit of achieving greatness and finding success in their field. We understand that the artistic community is stronger when working together as a collective to have our voices heard instead of as individuals.