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Welcome to IN|HOUSE, your ultimate destination for expert Canadian clothing manufacturers. As a Canadian creative agency, we are dedicated to providing a streamlined process for designing and developing custom clothing that perfectly represents your brand or business. Our specialized services encompass all the necessary steps to develop your clothing products from scratch, ensuring they are ready for bulk production.

At IN|HOUSE, we pride ourselves on guiding you through the most crucial stages of product development, setting the foundation for successful manufacturing. Our extensive production portfolio showcases our versatility, ranging from eco-friendly clothing manufacturing and the use of organic and recycled materials, to activewear, loungewear, children's clothing, outerwear, tailored garments, accessories, and beyond. When it comes to Canadian design studios, our expertise stands unrivaled.

Our mission at IN|HOUSE is to simplify the entire process of creating your products from start to finish. We understand the challenges and complexities involved, and we are here to alleviate them for you.

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Our Process

  • Step 1) Design Consultation

    We collaborate closely with you to understand your design concepts for each clothing product. Through detailed discussions, we gather the necessary specifications to kickstart your development process. This consultation can occur in-person at our In House studio, or virtually. After your consultation, we get to work while you eagerly await your first fitting.

  • Step 2) Sourcing Materials

    Gathering essential fabric and notions for your sample production is a vital part of your development process. We collect all the necessary details, ensuring we source the perfect materials to bring your vision to life. These elements will enhance the quality and appeal of your clothing line.

  • Step 3) Digital Pattern Drafting

    Digital clothing patterns are the cornerstone of our elite process, ensuring impeccable fit and functionality for your garments. Our cutting-edge advanced softwares enables us to create these digital patterns with precision and efficiency, eliminating wastage of time and resources. Rest assured that your garments will be meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional fit and functionality, while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Step 4) Fit Samples

    This is the first look and feel of your design concepts in physical or digital format. This initial prototype is to ensure that the fit direction of your product is accurate to your vision, before we go ahead and make your final prototype. 

  • Step 5) Fittings

    This is your opportunity to make any adjustments to your products before we construct your final prototype. This fitting can be conducted in-person at our In House studio, or virtually.

  • Step 6) Final Prototype 

    Following the adjustments made during the previous fitting, we proceed to create your final prototype. This prototype encapsulates all the essential details, notions, and closures that highlight the functionality of your garments. This physical representation serves as the essential reference you will share with your factory during the manufacturing stage, ensuring accurate replication of your designs. 

    Steps 4 & 5 will be repeated until you are happy with your final prototype. 

  • Step 7) Technical Package

    A technical package serves as the digital blueprint for your garment. This industry standard package encompasses all crucial details and specifications which allow for effective communication with manufacturers. With your Tech Pack in hand, any production facility can precisely replicate your garments to meet your exact specifications. 

  • Step 8) Pattern Grading

    Pattern Grading creates a proportionate sizing guide for your garments. It ensures that the overall fit remains consistent throughout each size of your garments. 

  • Step 9) Manufacturing

    At this stage, the Research & Development process is complete. For more information on Manufacturing, click the button below!

  • Full-Service Research & Development in 8-12 Weeks.
  • International Industry Standard Deliverables
  • Starting at $1,495 CAD per Product