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Develop Your Garments From Scratch

If you are looking for expert Canadian clothing manufacturers, you’ve found your home at IN|HOUSE. We are a Vancouver creative agency who helps our clients streamline the process of designing & developing branded clothing and merchandise for their business. We specialize in developing your products from scratch, where we guide you through the most important steps of product development and manufacturing. We have a diverse production portfolio that ranges from eco-friendly clothing manufacturing, organic and recycled materials, activewear, loungewear, streetwear, outerwear, tailored garments, accessories and more! When it comes to Vancouver clothing manufacturers & Canadian made clothing manufacturers, there’s nothing that compares to us.

Our mission at In House is to simplify our clients entire process of creating their products from scratch. We limit our volume of project intake which allows us to spend the necessary time with each client as we develop your products from start to finish.

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Our Process


Step 1) Design Consultation
We work with you to hear out your design concepts for each product and break them down in detail to prepare all the specifications needed to begin your development. This step of the process takes place in-person at In House. Once your design consultation has concluded, we go to work and you wait for your first fitting.

Step 2) Sourcing Materials
This is the process of gathering all the necessary fabric and notions for your sample production. These details will be gathered during your design consultation.

Step 3) Pattern Drafting
This is the process of taking the notes made in your design consultation to create the fit and function of your garment(s). All of our patterns are created digitally through our In House software which eliminates waste of time and resources.

Step 4) First Sample
After finalizing your patterns, we proceed to construct your first fit sample(s). We call this prototype a “muslin”. Your initial prototype is to ensure that the fit of your product is accurate to your vision.

Step 5) First Fitting
We book your 1st fitting at In House for you to ensure that the garment(s) fit exactly the way you want. This is your opportunity to make any adjustments to your product(s) before we construct your final sample.

Step 6) Final Sample 
After making the adjustments to your patterns from your first fitting, we go ahead and construct your final fit sample. This final sample is completed with all your details and finishings. 

Step 7) Spec Pack
Once your final fit sample is confirmed, we go ahead and create your spec pack. This is the digital blueprint of your garment which outlines all the essential details and specifications for sampling and manufacturing moving forward. Providing an industry grade spec pack allows you to speak with manufacturers to their standard of communication. Your spec pack can be taken to any production facility and they will be able to replicate your garments to their exact specifications. 

Step 8) Pattern Grading
Here we create the sizing guide for your garments. This creates the overall fit for each size of your garment so that the sizing remains consistent through each size of your product. 

Step 9) Manufacturing
At this point in our process, the customer is satisfied with their finished product and it is time to discuss options for your bulk production.

Each detail of your project will be laid out and agreed upon mutually prior to providing you with your finalized invoice. Once the invoice has been confirmed, the retainer will be paid by the customer for us begin the work.