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Develop Your Garments From Scratch

If you are looking for expert Canadian clothing manufacturers, you’ve found your home at IN|HOUSE. We are a Vancouver creative agency who helps our clients streamline the process of designing & developing branded clothing and merchandise for their business. We specialize in developing your products from scratch, where we guide you through the most important steps of product development and manufacturing. We have a diverse production portfolio that ranges from eco-friendly clothing manufacturing, organic and recycled materials, activewear, loungewear, streetwear, outerwear, tailored garments, accessories and more! When it comes to Vancouver clothing manufacturers & Canadian made clothing manufacturers, there’s nothing that compares to us.

Our mission at In House is to simplify our clients entire process of creating their products from scratch. We limit our volume of project intake which allows us to spend the necessary time with each client as we develop your products from start to finish.

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Our Process


Step 1) Design Consulting
Become the creative director of your fashion brand. We’ll guide you through the creative process to help turn your concepts into achievable designs.

Step 2) Fabric Sourcing
This is the process of gathering all your fabric and notions to create your prototypes.

Step 3) Digital Pattern Making
The future of product development is in the technology. We do all of our patterns using digital software. By providing our clients with digital patterns, we increase your efficiency and eliminate the waste of using paper patterns. These files are compatible throughout all CAD softwares.

Step 4) Sample Development
We provide a minimum of 2 sample revisions to create your optimal product and ensure that everything meets your expectations before moving onto your bulk production.

Step 5) Fit Analysis
This is your opportunity to correct & perfect the fit of your garments before moving onto your bulk production. We provide 2 fittings to ensure that you’re satisfied with the finished prototypes.

Step 6) Technical Packages
Tech Packs are the digital blueprint for your garments which help you communicate to the standard of your factory.  

Step 7) Details & Notions
Your brand assets are the finishing touches to your fully developed garments. These assets include size tags, content labels, exterior branding and decoration. 

Step 8) Pattern Grading
This is where we create the size guide for your garments. This creates the overall fit for each size of your product to ensure that the sizing remains consistent throughout each size of your garments. 

Step 9) Manufacturing
Once you are satisfied with your finished prototypes, we finalize all of the assets to prepare to move your products into our supply chain to produce them in bulk.

Each detail of your project will be confirmed by the client prior to providing the final production invoice. Once the invoice has been confirmed, the down-payment will be made by the customer for us to begin.